Michael Klein was the co-founder of the beloved candle line that was elegantly wrapped in the decorative Florentine papers. For many years these candles filled the shelves of prestigious stores and homes of the elite. Featured in Oprah Magazine on two separate occasions and in numerous other national publication the candles received a plethora of accolades. The hook was the nostalgic glow that was produced as the candles would begin to burn as well as the beauty and sophistication standing on their own. These candles were one of the first decorative lines and with unparalleled fragrances they were considered aromatherapy for the eyes as well as the senses. Returning to the market for a different reason and for one that holds close to the heart of its co-founder, Cheryl Klein Candles will be the new name that represents a similar line of candles.  The candles have not been available for quite some time due to illness.  After a recent battle with cancer, Michael’s mother, Cheryl, passed away and this candle line is now reborn in her memory. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research to give hope and opportunity to those around the world.