About Us

Klein and Company LA is a purveyor of haute brands and designs related to the gift industry.  Michael Klein, the founder, has been involved in home decor and fragrances for over 20 years.  His precedent experience in both wholesale and retail, importing and exporting, has made this dream come true.

A truly versatile showroom, opening in 2018, will focus on local companies, artists, and entrepreneurs.  Weekly events and parties to showcase the works and luxury brands of creative and talented people will be the primary focus of Klein and Company LA.  After all , this company is about the company and its company. 

Another main focus of the company will be the donations to Cancer Research in memory of Michael’s late mother, Cheryl Klein.  The goal is to give hope and opportunities to those around the world.  Therefore, a portion of the company’s proceeds will benefit the Norton Cancer Institute and their quest to provide comfort and love to those in need. 

In addition to the traditional ways of distributing products around the world, Klein and Company aims to create many innovative ways to achieve the goals of its manufactures, sales representatives, and other individuals within the industry.

Klein and Company NY will also be opening next year, creating a bi coastal marketplace for the affluent customer alike.

The opportunities will be endless and the possibilities will soon be realities.  This niche of deviating from typical market weeks in the gift industry has lacked for so many years and will be a new way of promoting business.

A career opportunity for everyone, with one goal in mind….

“Making dreams come true”